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U.S. Schools Educate Foreign Students But Immigration Law Extricates Them

WASHINGTON -- In September, Antinea Ascione was surprised to receive a letter telling her she had 60 days to leave the U.S.

The 23-year-old grew up in Trinidad and Italy, and spent part of high school in the United States. Ascione graduated from Trinity College in Connecticut in 2012 with a degree in political science and English. She was enjoying her work at a publishing company in Fargo, N.D., where she had moved to be with the boyfriend she met during college -- and then her H-1B visa application was rejected.

Ascione had to stop working immediately. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services said her application failed to show a degree was needed for her editing position.

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Australian Skill Shortages Continue To Grow

As the Australian government prepares the biggest overhaul of the skilled visa regulations in the past 20 years many businesses living with the reality of skill shortages are starting to ask how their needs will be addressed.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) announced back in February that a review of the skilled migration program was underway and a new more targetted system would come into action in the middle of 2010. The first of these changes was announced on 17th May with the release of a revised Skilled Occupation list (SOL).

The revised SOL sees the biggest change to the Australian immigration program in over 20 years with over 50% of occupations on

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PC Flowers &Gifts - www.pcflowers.com - Partners With Hibiya Kadan, Inc. -Largest Japanese Retailer and Florist to Reach Global Internet Customers.

Business Editors

STAMFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 24, 2000

Partnership Combines Prominent Established Retailer with

E-commerce leader

PC Flowers &Gifts, Inc., www.pcflowers.com the pioneer in

E-commerce since 1989, today announced that it is partnering with Hibiya

Kadan, Inc. the most prominent and prestigious floral retailer in Japan.

The partnership will provide Hibiya Kadan's corporate

customers with Japanese-language Internet and Intranet sites, co-branded

for each customer, by using PC Flowers &Gifts (www.pcflowers.com)

patent pending co-branding marketing program. Th

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Is JayZ launching his own range of luxury Goldgenie gifts?

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--How do you stand out from the crowd... stand out from your competition?

Companies looking for new and innovative ideas to promote their

businesses have found allies in London based customisation brand

Goldgenie who offer corporate personalisation of smartphones and tablets

to guns and even real life roses.

The growing brand offers white label customisation services that enable

companies to create their own luxury branded corporate gifts and awards,

using finishes such as 24ct. Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum alongside

laser engraving of logos, signatures and even fingerprints to create

truly unique bespoke and personalised gifts.

The luxury corporate gift market is currently growing at an exceptional

rate - especially in Asian and Middle Eastern markets, where the

presentation of a gift is customary and thought of as good manners and

key to winning new business.

Customising gadgets, game consoles and household items the global

business now sees the likes of Blackberry, HTC and even Apple resellers

using their services to reward customers, gain new business and offer

unique gifts that really get noticed.

In the case of Viacom, Goldgenie were approached to create a range of

Gold and Platinum plated iPhones, iPads and other gifts which were

presented to celebrities including Bradley Cooper, Jackie Chan, Kevin

Hart, Clint Eastwood and Mark Wahlberg.

Brand names like JayZ and Tyrese Gibson also seem to be taking advantage

of Goldgenie's Midas Touch allowing individuals and corporates the

opportunity to have their own line of "ready to go" luxury products.

The company has also produced personalised gifts to raise money for

charities such as the "Starburst" iPod collection for the Elton John

AIDS foundation.

Founded by Laban Roomes in 1995, Goldgenie's original focus was gold

plating emblems for premium car brands. After an appearance on Dragon's

Den a British TV programme in October 2007, Goldgenie received the first

televised investment from multi-millionaire serial entrepreneur James

Caan, shortly after Laban then successfully bought the Dragon out of the

now global company.

Says Goldgenie founder Laban Roomes, "Over the last 12 months we have

been flown to Los Angeles, Macau and Dubai to supply corporate and

luxury personalised gifts for companies wishing to expand and reward

their partners or work force - companies are beginning to realise that

by giving they are getting much more in exchange."

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Adding Value To Your Corporate Gifts

In the corporate world, it is a tradition to give out corporate gifts. It is a strategical way to increase the popularity of a company that competes with other existing businesses. For some other reasons, corporate gifts are given to clients, employees, executives and other business associates. Today, there are so many choices of corporate gifts to choose from - be it for clients, employees, executives, retirees, or for a target audience. These corporate gifts are now available for customization, letting companies include their logo and tag line on to keep their recipients reminded about them.

If you are looking for the right presents for your business associates, choose those that will help you strengthen existing relationship, and those that attract new ones. Well-received corporate gifts are presents that mean something for your recipients. To make sure that you are giving the right gifts that will be appreciated, you have to be aware of the preferences of your recipients and the policies they may have in their company on receiving corporate gifts. You don't want to offend your recipients by giving awful gifts or making them think that your present is some sort of a bribe.

Whatever the nature of your business, corporate gift-giving will be more successful by adding extra value to the gifts. The following are some tips on how to do it:

Consider quality gifts - the gifts you are giving are the reflection of your company's image. Thus, you want your gift-giving to be impressive by giving only good quality gifts. It will always be a smart idea to choose items that of good quality, especially if you are promoting your business. Let's face it, who will appreciate a present who cannot last even for an hour? Choose a good kind of gift with a good quality if you are looking forward for a positive recall for your business.

Add a personal touch - many gift givers hand out expensive gifts but failed to have a positive outcome because they don't have something that is heart-felt on them. Add a personal touch. Hand-writing a message on a little card is an effective way to add some value to your gift. Hand-written messages make a lasting impression to your recipients, because they will think that you have exerted effort and spent some of your time to write down your message, personally. Therefore, consider adding a personal touches when planning to give corporate presents.

Make the gifts presentable - by packaging them neat and clean, the gifts will look beautiful and presentable. Even if they are not that luxurious, it is important pay attention as to you will package your gifts. Be creative, but do not go over board with your decorations. Corporate gifts are suppose to be attractive at the first glance.

Deliver the gifts personally - this will give you a chance to have some time with your clients over cups of coffee or tea. Meet and greet them personally if you really want to encourage them to continue making business with you. This is also one way to cut expenses down by offering yourself to be the who will the deliver the gifts instead of paying a courier service.

You can lots of choices for corporate presents online - from promotional items, executive gifts, retirement gifts to client and employee gifts.

By: Jnet Verra

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

Jnet is an author for a variety of lifestyle issues and topics. If you're looking for leather gifts, visit the website Mybusinessgifts.com and browse their extensive collection. Get also corporate gifts for your colleagues online!

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Immigration History of Australia - InfoBarrel

Australia is a federal state composed of five provinces and two territories, with a population that includes approximately 160 ethnic groups. The large number of individuals of different origin is mainly due mainly to the massive immigration after the Second World War, when official statistics recorded in 1997 4.5 million citizens whose native language was other than English, representing approximately 25% of the total population of the country.

In the ninth decade of the 19th century the highest number of immigrants was recorded (about 1.1 million people), exceeding the number of the U.S. immigrants by two-thirds. This process was due mainly to the government's lax attitude in Canberra, which enacted a special program to reunite families, and reduced the required conditions for immigration, including the visa documents required.

Although, in terms of population growth this has had a significant impact on the economic state, several problems were also encountered mainly because many people were not able able to integrate into the Australian labor market. In the early 90s, about 27% of the previous decade immigrants lived only on welfare provided by government, a situation that has generated considerable pressure on the budget, with negative consequences for the country's external debt.

Since the early emergence of the phenomenon of immigration, after setting up the federal state, Australian authorities have not defined the newcomers as "minority", but rather as "ethnic groups", a notion that has been perpetuated over time, regardless of the successive policies adopted in this issue. Ignoring that each of these ethnic groups in Australia had its own customs and traditions, Australian authorities initially tried to implement a tough policy which has been ineffective due to the high degree of diversity and social conditions, as well as the economic conditions existing in the first half of this century.

On the other hand, away from their countries of origin, their sense of isolation and rejection by the local population determined immigrants to meet each other more often, to build churches, to organize more cultural associations and to help edit their own publications, as well as perform translations of the local magazines and newspapers. This reality and the evolution of society gradually led authorities to pay more attention and importance of integration of immigrants. Thus, in 1970, Malcolm Fraser, Prime Minister of that time, introduced the concept of "multiculturalism" to define the true fabric of Australian society, officially abandoning the policy of assimilation as applied before.

Thus, especially in the major cities, such as Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne, "multiculturalism" has had a beneficial effect on the development of Australian society, when immigrants were able to quickly integrate and to make a significant contribution to the establishment of democratic relations. After 1990, however, the situation began to change, with the poor economy of Asian countries generating a massive immigration. The traditions, culture and their customs were quite different from those of the European nations and led to the creation of compact blocks.

In these circumstances, the necessity of a reformulation of this notion of multiculturalism for the Australian authorities is becoming more and more evident and something new is needed for a better development of the society.

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Company Profile for Shopper's Stop Ltd

Shoppers Stop Limited is a holding company. The Company is engaged in the business of retailing a range of household and consumer products through departmental stores. It operates through approximately 80 such departmental stores located in approximately 40 cities. Its products include apparels and non-apparels. Its non-apparel category includes cosmetics, personal accessories and leather goods, home wares, electronics, books and music. The Company, through its Website, Shoppersstop.com, offers international and national brands in men's, women's and kids apparel; gifts and fashion accessories, such as ladies watches, men's watches, artificial jewelry, fine jewelry, handbags, fragrances, men's and women's footwear, home furnishing and decor products. It has over six private brands namely STOP, Kashish, Life, Haute Curry, Velorio Fratini and Elliza Donatein. It offers First Citizen Loyalty Program for customers. Its application is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.