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Get a corporate gift quotePeople Love Promotional Gifts...

Promotional merchandise, corporate gifts or branded clothing are highly cost effective ways to spread the word of your brand or marketing message.

If you're looking for a forward thinking promotional gifts distributor who understands good design and the importance of your brand, we'd love to hear from you.

We're based in the centre of Malmesbury, Wiltshire, which is near Swindon and have easy M4 access to Junction 17 to get you to Bath, Bristol, South Wales and London. We have on-site parking and the coffee pot is always on.

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PC Flowers &Gifts - - Partners With Hibiya Kadan, Inc. -Largest Japanese Retailer and Florist to Reach Global Internet Customers.

Business Editors

STAMFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 24, 2000

Partnership Combines Prominent Established Retailer with

E-commerce leader

PC Flowers &Gifts, Inc., the pioneer in

E-commerce since 1989, today announced that it is partnering with Hibiya

Kadan, Inc. the most prominent and prestigious floral retailer in Japan.

The partnership will provide Hibiya Kadan's corporate

customers with Japanese-language Internet and Intranet sites, co-branded

for each customer, by using PC Flowers &Gifts (

patent pending co-branding marketing program. Th

2 days ago

Brielle's in new hands. - Free Online Library

BRIELLE, N.J.--Premium Gifts Acquisition LLC, a New Jersey venture

capital firm, has acquired Brielle Galleries, an exclusive, upscale

tabletop store, for an undisclosed amount.

Brielle Galleries' holdings include an upscale retail store, a

widely distributed catalog and a corporate gift division. Its sales last

year were estimated at $10 million, according to industry sources.

Nancy Neumann was named president and chief executive officer of

Brielle Galleries. She previously was vice president of sales and

marketing for Steuben and a consultant with The Albing KV Marketing

Group, a leading market research firm for the tabletop industry, and her

own firm, Neumann Marketing. Ira Jacobson, who founded Brielle in 1950,

will remain active with the firm as head of the retail operation. Duncan

Van Dusen was named manager of business development, a new post. He

previously worked with Premium Gifts, researching technology and

interactive commerce.

"I am looking forward to working with a new generation of

management," Jacobson said. "I am enthusiastic about the

prospect of generating new business opportunities."

"Ira's 67, and he wanted to see a new generation of

management run the business," Neumann added. "He picked the

group and he liked the management style and where we wanted to take the

business." She said Jacobson has a three year contract to stay with

Brielle Galleries.

She noted that the venture capital firm was put together exclusively

for the Brielle acquisition. The investors in the venture capital firm

include private and business investors. Although she would not disclose

who the investors are, she said that many of the investors have

experience in the luxury and gift businesses.

The group wanted to buy Brielle because "it has a very good

reputation among its customer base for high level of service; a very

good reputation for merchandise selection and a very good reputation

among vendors. It's starting in a positive position, and we see the

opportunity for growth in all three Brielle divisions."

While she and the firm's management are currently formulating

three-year strategies and growth plans, she said that the firm's

primary area for growth will be its corporate gifts division.

"We're look at changing," she said. "We're

really going to address it as three separate businesses.

"We plan to maintain the national reputation Brielle Galleries

has earned for the quality of its products and services and also develop

additional opportunities for growth in the luxury and corporate gift

markets," Neumann said. "We are exploring ways to satisfy all

the gift purchasing needs of our customers, ease the selection process

and introduce fresh, innovative ideas."

Key Brielle Galleries suppliers include Waterford, Steuben, Tiffany,

Herend and Lladro.

While Neumann was at Steuben, she was responsible for managing the

retail catalog and wholesale divisions, product development, sales

forecasting, advertising, promotion and publicity.

3 days ago

Immigration policy under the Howard government.

Labor's Legacy

During the 1980s Australia's immigration policy changed. The

old assisted passage scheme was abolished and family-reunion migrants

constituted a larger proportion of the intake than before, as did

migrants selected on humanitarian grounds. These changes meant that many

new migrants were low-skilled and dependent on welfare and that source

countries shifted away from Britain and Europe and towards the

developing world. They also meant that return migration decreased and

that the gap between the gross intake and net migration, a gap which had

been quite wide in the 1960s, decreased. (Indeed, as more people

4 days ago

11 Gifts To Give Your Health-Obsessed Foodie Friend

Everybody's got that friend -- the one that bathes himself in hummus, grows kale in the backyard of his Brooklyn apartment, claims that drinking a fermented tea makes him feel spiritual and is constantly nibbling on some kind of unidentifiable rabbit food.

This holiday season, instead of mocking said friend for his "unique" eating habits, why not support him for the quirky trait with a gift that shows you care? These 11 presents below are sure to make any tree-hugging, superfood-swearing herbivore explode with happiness. Who knows, maybe you'll even get a homemade dinner out of it.

You may not know what zoodling is, but your health-fanatic friend most certainly knows

4 days ago

Ideas for Last Minute Business Holiday Gifts

Ack! Purchasing holiday business gifts for customers didn't make it on the To Do list in time. Or maybe sales were in a slump earlier in the year and gifts weren't even thought to be a possibility. But then a change of heart or financial situation makes them a priority.

But it's only a few days--or hours!--before a customer holiday event or meeting and there's no way to get branded promotional giveaways and business gifts without magic or major money outlays. What to do to preserve the business' brand an

5 days ago

Top 10 Companies That Request the Most Visas for Foreign Workers

Tech companies have lobbied aggressively for immigration reform to allow more skilled foreign workers to enter the U.S. to increase America's global competitiveness.

But the companies that request the most H1-B work visas for engineers are actually facilitating outsourcing, critics say, including a firm fined last week by the Department of Justice for alleged "systemic" visa fraud.

Infosys, an Indian consulting and outsourcing company with a location in Plano, Texas, announced a $34 million civil settlement with the Justice Department on Wednesday. Of all companies in the U.S., Infosys received the fourth most H1-B visas between 2010 and 2012 -- a total of 6,550.

"I thin